Green apple health completed B round of ten million U S dollars financing from acquaintances to mul

recently, apple health officially announced the completion of $ten million B round of financing, by Germany capital lead investor, A round investors Jinsha River venture capital investment, adhere to the "signs of the doctor, mobile health startups can be so simple" but also an important step forward.


green apple health was founded in the mobile medical tide in 2013, and at the time on the establishment of the acquaintance of doctors and patients into the market model. Acquaintance doctor and patient model can help us to attract more doctors to join." Healthy green apple founder and CEO Xu Jiazi on 36 krypton said. The acquaintance is relative online inquiry on the platform of the doctor-patient relationship, the kind of mode, between doctors and patients is no stranger to contact. In theory, the acquaintance of doctors and patients to give the doctor a greater control over the ability, because he can determine the object of their continuing service.

The doctor is

attention to the green apple health One principle runs through it all. ideas. In the context of the relationship between doctors and patients plagued by violence in the background, in June 2015, the health of the Green Apple launched a medical declaration activities, advocating social respect for doctors, resist violence to create a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Han Zheng became the first person to sign the event. A total of more than ten million people participated in the event, including Pan Shiyi, Yan Yan, Ren Zhiqiang, etc..


over the past two years, the health of this understanding of green apple doctor seems to have achieved quite good results. In the case of the top three hospitals for the purpose of doctors, so far, green apple health products have been covered in Beijing, Shanghai, more than 60% of the two hospitals. The doctors also seem to show no enthusiasm for this model. Xu Jiazi said the doctor pulled 36 krypton, patients in the form of the current platform has millions of users.

to build the doctor-patient relationship, while Apple health is also trying to achieve the diversification of their service capabilities. In the past year, apple health and Global 100, the U.S. health care provider cardinal reached a strategic cooperation to achieve a pharmacy, online dispensing function; and Yang Lan founded the women Confidante high-end clubs will be a long-term strategic cooperation, to provide more targeted medical service for female users; and Hollywood star queen West Hospital – Dasainai medical center reached a strategic cooperation.

Xu Jiazi said that the green apple health plan in 2016 will provide users with a further step forward services. These services include fast to find the doctor experts directly sent a message to the doctor, the doctor with an appointment, and green apple health can also provide a series of high-end value-added services, such as designated experts on sleeping arrangements, the medical health service line generation. "Before we are mainly online services, the future we will separate"

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