Crazy Baidu drop down box Baidu drop down and related marketing programs

what is Baidu drop


Official Name drop-down is Baidu (Baidu Suggest Word) recommended words, folk called associative word or a drop-down menu for Baidu Baidu. Baidu in order to facilitate the majority of Internet users to search, improve the efficiency of the input and the introduction of a service.


Baidu drop-down to achieve the principle of

from Baidu every day hundreds of millions of users search words, analysis of the great amount of extracts search entries, generate Baidu recommended word database. Later, when the user in the search box input text in Baidu dynamics is extracted from the database to the user input word entries, generate the drop-down menu and dynamic. For example, when the two words in our Baidu input "marketing", Baidu will recommend entry from searching in the library, "this two word marketing" s entry, and according to the search volume from big to small order, dynamic form as shown above the drop-down menu. The maximum number of Baidu drop-down menu is 10.

Baidu drop-down role

most people in the search for a keyword, in fact, he did not know how to organize the language in order to achieve more accurate search purposes, the drop-down box to provide him with convenient. If the search term is relatively long, this also saves time, so the drop-down box is very convenient.

for example: if a user wants to download QQ2010, then he will direct input and search QQ2010, Baidu search from the actual judgment "QQ2010 official version download" the word search volume is the biggest cause of this phenomenon, all the credit from Baidu drop-down.

according to an authoritative survey of the company’s analysis of the data show that Baidu drop-down menu can effectively improve the input efficiency of 39.8%, user satisfaction of up to 91.3%. At the same time, the drop-down menu to guide the user to find the hot spots, expand their horizons, easy search, giving users beyond the imagination of the search experience.

Baidu drop-down and search is the user through the search engine Baidu search, will search a large amount of pre marketing word on the show from down, you can improve the visibility and traffic 30-40% appears in the drop-down box words and increase effective conversion rate. So as to improve the promotion effect.

quote: keyword 100 a

main keywords: improve visibility and authority, search volume, the actual conversion rate of around 40-50%.


long tail search volume is subject to low 30%-70%, the actual conversion rate is about 50-60%.

long tail keywords definition: in accordance with the main keywords derived from the search volume of the relevant words

, for example: the main keyword psoriasis, patients usually search for psoriasis can cure >

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