Wang Shi do business over the past 33 years has been tightly adhere to regulations do not bribe pr

has been "no bribes" are the basic principles and the bottom line

in his work

some time ago, voted to share with you a piece of Mr. Wang Shi how to do the management of the article, after reading a lot of readers received praise. Thus, the cast will then want to share with you a period of Mr. Wang Shi how to deal with the relationship between government and business articles.

once, Mr. Wang Shi was a label, called "no briber Wang Shi", he was in the title after said with emotion, "this work one of the most basic requirements, but I became the symbol, whether it is Wang Shi or the absurdity of the absurdity of the society"


Mr. Wang Shi once said, if an enterprise wants to develop continuously, "no bribes" should be the bottom line. I hope you will be able to think after reading the article.


" is not bribery questioned

170000 slogan from its inception, called "no bribes", but this is my work and enterprise one of the basic principles and the bottom line. But often said: do not bribe how to do real estate business person? No bribes can be understood, but as chairman of a listed company, you can ensure that your company has no bribery? These questions sound makes me quite helpless, I have to share three stories I met:

1) I remember once, in an entrepreneur forum in Yunnan, I speak about Vanke A no bribes, guests, is the most famous entrepreneur, he made a speech, but Mr. Wang Shi is not bribery, I admire, but this is only the case, because in Chinese if not bribery, will accomplish nothing. At that time, more than 300 entrepreneurs in Taiwan under the applause, and I in the table is somewhat awkward. This gave me the stimulus is very large, it seems not bribery has become a shameful thing, and bribery has become a hero.

2) once again, I was a student at Peking University, Guanghua School of Management to teach a course of business ethics. The first time I went to the lecture, when I talked about not paying bribes, the lecturer said, "Mr. Wang Shi, you stop. "Then asked the students:" that Mr Wang Shi is not bribery please raise their hands. The results of the hands of not more than 1/3, I believe that some of the people in this 1/3 or give me a face lift hand.

this situation lasted for 8 years, I experienced the 2008 Vanke "contributions to the door, my credit and social image was a challenge, once again to the Guanghua School of Management lecture, the instructor, was Professor, he took me for the first time in many years. The video was released, ask again:" please do not bribe Mr Wang Shi hands to believe. "This time, more than half of the hands are raised, but not all.

and the "no bribes" theme, I not only in the Chinese mainland, also in Hong Kong and Taiwan China, even about singapore. But these countries and regions of the audience’s reaction is completely different, the latter two are not given the attitude of the question is very admire, and trust me

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