Taobao announced a comprehensive opening 3 years to invest 300 million to support developers


technology news (Li Songwei) February 23rd news, held today at the "open to enjoy the future" 2011 Taobao open strategy conference, Taobao announced the 2011 Taobao open, Taobao will be fully open in the business, buyers, sellers, logistics and other areas of wireless business, the introduction of third party developers, enterprises and service providers.

at this conference, Taobao also announced that it will set up an open support fund: the next 3 years will invest $300 million, by sharing incentives, capital and other forms of support for the development of the third party partners.

vice president of Wang Wenbin said, by the end of 2010, Taobao open platform has 110 thousand registered developers every Taobao API call number reached 700 million, the current authentication platform through more than 200 partners, including operations, customer service, marketing, warehousing, training and other industries, "2011 Taobao the network will focus on business buyers and sellers, wireless, group purchase and logistics. All open, looking to the floor of the business model for the third party developers more creative".

, vice president of consumer division responsible Jiang Peng said for example, third party plug-ins, health management application of "living law", provide health services for the 3 million Taobao buyers, "every day more than 100 thousand people to manage their own health in the" life "and" life "according to the reference, choose their food and health products".

Jiang Peng also revealed that Taobao buy platform Juhuasuan will also be fully open, through a variety of forms and buy site around the service companies to cooperate. released data show that 110 thousand registered developers in the Taobao open platform has produced 36 thousand online applications, including certified more than 200 partners, an application at the same time up to 220 thousand Taobao users.

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