The volume of waterfalls with capital to keep the nternet

stock market, down! With funding, miserable!

on Sunday, the excitement of the bailout is not in the overall victory, but also a "black Monday". The stock market volatility in the push ups and the mood of the people at the same time, will also be a once in the private long-term low-key existence to the stage, it is "with a capital stock".

there is no doubt that the capital stock with the career was not calm in 2015, with the index from climbing cattle type flash, all the way to the "thousands of people holding, stock index after the avalanche, bear slowly approaching the moment ushered in the" million hammer "Internet platforms with resources for the winter


had to admit that the company is not a bull market patents, in the bear market has already existed, but was not found".

in the CBBC conversion when the Internet with capital there are two major changes, the first volume, with the market shift in the corresponding change, to a certain extent can be called the market "barometer"; second, the platform business is moving, with capital business has to move forward without a single platform, and future assets customers of the original launch platform based on multiple financial products, to build a complete chain of Internet financial or capital distribution platform for the winter.

volume fly straight down

"I pay for you to earn double." This is a lot of the Internet with the capital platform in the arrival of the bull market, the most popular use of the word to the market. If you do not have the capital, the stock rose 20% how much will you earn, but when you have the capital, the stock rose by the end of the 20% you will earn much. However, they did not mention when the stock fell 20%, how will your wallet?

answer is self-evident.

The premise of

users in the money intended or expected next reached the market with capital, the platform is brought to the user stickiness is not strong, the platform volume and stock market trend closely, to enter and exit in a moment.

net loan home statistics of 3 Internet distribution platform with a weekly turnover of nearly a month, in some levels may be able to represent the market as well as with the trend of the capital industry.

data show that the Liuhe capital investment platform with the most representative in the last week, the Shanghai A shares during the period from June 29th 4053 slumped to 3686 points in July 3rd turnover, compared to last week (June 22nd to June 28th), fell from 2 million 450 thousand yuan to 680 thousand yuan, the chain fell 72.24%. Earlier in the week, from June 22nd to June 28th this week, June 15th compared to June 21st, turnover is 12 million 550 thousand yuan from the fall rapidly to 2 million 450 thousand yuan, down 80.48%.

memorable is that before the two weeks "plunge", the platform has received rapid growth in volume. From June 15th, the platform turnover of 6 million 500 thousand yuan to 12 million 550 thousand yuan to accelerate the rise, only 7 days time, a high.

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