Daily topic review the rise and fall of Chinese blog network

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 2nd news yesterday, China’s blog BlogCN.com announced the removal of all free user data, only to upgrade to become a paid VIP to enjoy a stable blog service. In fact, as early as last December China bokee.com announced this news "ten years China bokee.com has been committed to providing the best service Chinese blog, but after spending 15 million dollars, we found unable to provide a stable blog services for massive users, desperation can only give priority to ensuring the rights and interests of subscribers. From March 31, 2013 onwards, the site will be clear all free users all the data, please free users to export their own data, overdue will not be exported. But you can upgrade to the stability of our exclusive VIP blog service, please the majority of users tell each other, thank you for ten years of support."

review of the rise and fall of China blog network

China bokee.com has been in a leading position in the China blog website and blog trend guide, now it has been renamed Boshang network, is the world’s largest Chinese blog community, the world’s largest Chinese blog service provider, Chinese blog search engine, the Chinese blog, also has Chinese blog system strong, is also the first free Chinese blog service provider. It was founded in November 18, 2002, was named Chinese bokee.com, Chinese bokee.com also received venture capital in 2004 2005 when, but at that time the Chinese also began to rage, insiders also said China bokee.com stop in this free blog service actually this also means that the blog era has come to an end.

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the future development of blog

blog development road is worrying, commercial blog blog is always free if the only way which must be passed!, to get revenue through advertising, so the blog will never grow up! The China bokee.com announced the removal of all free user data, only VIP can be upgraded to paid to enjoy a stable blog service. We can see that the blog is in a state of loss, rely on the blog to make money mainly rely on advertising, advertising is the most direct and most extensive way. But the advertisers to see what is the flow and click on micro-blog and WeChat after the emergence of the blog’s position has not been great. Micro-blog and WeChat under the impact of the blog did not seize the competitive advantage of the new media era did not keep up with the pace of transformation. And micro-blog just 140 words hit the blog! Why now so many people choose micro-blog, just because micro-blog is closer to the user as the center. So it’s not a surprise to blog, but there is still room for survival and development

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