Webmaster network broadcast as the account system accounts for serious security vulnerabilities NetE

1.128 serious violation of dating sites were shut down rectification  

yesterday, the reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, since the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out for 3 months, the law has been closed 128 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites (including sites dating channel) and by order, interviews and other ways of more than 20 sites rectification or stop network rectification.

in recent years, a lot of social networking sites dating, dating network platform. But dating sites appeared in the development of "Nishajuxia", some dating sites of serious dishonesty or illegal problems arise.

2 exposure friends of nearly 2 million yuan acquisition of 6588.com, such as 4 digital domain name  

May 18th – the day before, the domain name and domain name investors @ friend @ m long Sparrowhawk net joint acquisition of 6588.com, 6288.com, 3223.com and 6226.com 4 4 digital domain. According to the news, the purchase price of these 4 domains of nearly 2 million yuan.

was acquired by 6588.com, 6288.com, 3223.com and 6226.com 4 4 digital domain, product phase is fine, the former two are to "88" at the end of 4, meaning the digital domain name Geely, after the two is ABBA, a catchy and easy memory.

3 Music account system as there is a serious security vulnerabilities: free to change the binding information  

music has from simple content service providers gradually evolving into TV, boxes, mobile phone and network intelligent cloud storage platform for the integration of ecological integrity, and membership account is the users with better resources and guarantee service experience.

however, according to the "I need" to us recently broke the news, as the official community and Post Bar have landed that reflect the membership account not registered, the Advisory Service said on behalf of the query and not only provides effective solutions.

4: CCTV net 2015 mobile NetEase, Baidu, unfamiliar street jurisprudence checked  

dissemination of pornographic information on the Internet, has become a public nuisance. In view of the network pollution, the national anti pornography office from March to September this year, to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2015 special action. In the national anti pornography office bulletin of the first case of NetEase, Baidu, unfamiliar street three well-known Internet Co have been investigated because of dissemination of pornographic information.

, according to reports, the dissemination of pornographic information, respectively, NetEase cloud reading column, Baidu mobile client and other sections of the street unfamiliar street group.

5.BAT are using.Wang>

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