To build the world’s highest rookie Courier Post Online Shopping up to the foot of the Mount Everest

September 23rd noon news, recently, the world’s highest mountain rookie station set up under the rookie post purchasing services, radiation range of the inn include Zahi, Zong Xiang Mount Everest and Gama valley point on foot, after the visitors to the Mount Everest, will not have to load in the plateau trek, can convenient Inn and luggage storage equipment.

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rookie introduced, the inn built in Tashi Township Center, from the Mount Everest base camp is only 1 hours away, as the world’s highest Express Inn, a typical Tibetan style design, currently consists of a 90 guy to take care of. Tourists or local consumers in Taobao or Tmall shopping, express can be sent directly to the foot of Mount Everest.

According to the

Tashi township government a staff, before the courier tend to go on for half a month, 20 days to reach the Tingri County, after no longer down delivery, you need to mention from the county, and every single delivery pay additional 10 yuan fee. Choose online shopping because of the high cost of online, but also had to endure. But sometimes busy, can not get the package in a timely manner, there is a risk of being returned."

it is understood that the establishment of the Lhasa Mount Everest rookie Inn – Shigatse – Tingri – Zasizon and the Mount Everest the logistics road more smooth, change the original foot of Mount Everest without professional express line history, express also can be more convenient to Mount Everest.

from Shanghai to a courier for example, via cargo delivery to arrive in Shigatse, Tingri County, Mount Everest county will express from rookie post back, only 5 days can be the fastest service, which is not only convenient for local residents, so that they are not far from mentioning the extra payment, but also greatly shorten the delivery time.

in addition to meet the demand for online shopping, in a "tourists to Mount Everest, do not have bags carrying equipment, direct delivery to the station on the line."

data show that the rookie inn is integrated logistics service platform for consumers, convenient for consumers to receive the parcel, is committed to improving the last 100 meters at the end of service diversification. As the Mount Everest base camp location belonging to Shigatse City Tingri County Zahi clan is the only way which must be passed to the Mount Everest base camp.

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