Liu Yu handwritten Wuhan nternet eight user experience

      the focus of the discussion last Friday was the user experience. The topic is also due to listen to send network, Wuhan listen to send Network Technology Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as "listen to send network") is a large domestic audio book portal. Eyes have been the main organ of human information acquisition, of course, ears, but reading a lot of information has made the eyes too tired, there is no way to alleviate it? Yes, with ears. Listen to the school network reason has been launched on the popular, it is because he resolved we usually get information mostly through the eyes of the organ, now have access to the ears share some information, we can more easily get more information.

      listen to the network has a good user experience, learning and improvement of the Internet service process endless, we need to continue to improve the user experience of the site according to the needs of users.

      what is the user experience?

      Experience (User, referred to as UE) is a purely subjective in the use of a product (service) in the process of establishing the psychological feelings. The user experience is mainly from the user and human-computer interface interaction process. The current design process focuses on user centric. The concept of user experience from the beginning of the beginning of the development of the entire process, and throughout. Its purpose is to ensure that (1) the correct prediction of user experience (2) understanding of the user’s real expectation and objective function (3) in the core can also be modified when the design is modified at low cost (4) to ensure coordination between the core functions of man-machine interface, reduce BUG.

      yesterday QQ has just launched a new product surging, and rice has more similar products, if you want to participate in the discussion of the user experience of friends, this Friday can work together to participate in the discussion of user experience to any meal and surging as an example.

      on the surging and Fanfou (Draft)
      1, the message box set
      3, the number of message Fanfou 10 Taotao 20
      4 home recommended user: 88 />  8 8
    thousand passengers function;;   6, surging should also increase the statistical function of
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