Ctrip hung up The database is physically deleted and cannot be used properly

A5 webmaster network (admin5.com) May 28th news, this morning, Ctrip and its client failure, many users can not open the page Ctrip reaction. After testing, through the promotion of Baidu click into Ctrip, the page shows 404.


Ctrip official responded that part of the server was unknown attack, is an emergency recovery:


industry sources, Ctrip hotel database across the board was physically removed. Ctrip hacked by the database was hacked



otherwise Ctrip internal staff broke the news: Web server side to confirm the company’s code hosting server is normal. But the internal circle of speculation: there is a premeditated internal attack, but I am not responsible for this statement, what specific circumstances have to look after the company e-mail notification."

friends said, Ctrip’s share price to the final tonight……

in March last year, Ctrip cloud network broke a network security vulnerabilities, said a large number of users of the bank information was leaked, allegedly, the hotel is one of the ways most easily leaked privacy vulnerabilities, hackers often use loopholes site remote intrusion target server permissions, users ultimately steal sensitive data information. Said to go on the walkers, the heart has not?

, however, for the hotel database was physically removed the rumors, Ctrip relevant responsible person said, after an emergency investigation, Ctrip data has not been lost, booking data is also kept intact. Small series messy……



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