Online selling high technology hackers apprentice apprentice



want to learn to make the Trojan virus 120 Q can be?. Crack the password 150 Q?." Recently, some readers reported that some people in the student QQ group to sell hacker technology, including custom Trojans, software cracking, hacker training sites also showed the trend of flooding. Lawyers believe that online hacking apprentice itself is illegal, in the face of the current lack of order of the hacker training market, experts called for measures should be introduced to regulate.

QQ group price tag recruit apprentice

has recently been reported to reporters this reporter, someone in the student QQ group released a hacker training advertising, selling hacking technology. Informants A Wei said his chat with friends, known as "hacker adviser" friends suddenly in the group sent a message, a careful look at it is a hacker training advertising, says you can crack the password, training the production of Trojan attack ", keyboard tracking technology.

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