Share my experience with a dumpster

      forum, community, pure is the younger brother accidentally

      I do not say much, it can not be useful for a lot of people, but I think I should be able to change the object of such a rookie

      in addition, the reason I want to say these words is that just let PW’s enthusiasm moved under

      the first site is put up to (I thought if the owner think ad can cut out a few hours, ha) loss of more than 2 thousand dollars, read today, a loss of nearly five, converted into cash accounts, there are 4000 to 5000, with no warning, up

      running for almost 8 months, during the period (that is Miss Wynn put ads on PW) advertising, because my station is too small, intermittent, double negative, it has accumulated 10 pieces of money, give up. Deborah also made, and also put a few dollars, is 10.

      because I am very lazy, so little publicity. The forum has been stuck at around 1000 ip. And in the field of space domain investment close to 2000 (at the beginning do not understand the market, to buy space, inappropriate and change, I now have several space on hand)

      later found GG is king, oh

      in fact, this money is not very fancy themselves, do not stand to make money.

      a week ago, should be changed is 13 or so, the sale domain, I live outside all day and not do things hanging in the online

      interest to the registered domain name [url]www.***.com[/url] to do what the original are forgotten, anyway later made a garbage station

      put less than 100 articles, after less than a week now, touch things, but also are transferred from domestic website

      looked at the statistics today, found that IP traffic has been increasing.

      turned down the Qihoo ad, every day there is a quick money

      do you know what I mean, and then sum up, if you want to do is two eight stations that >

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