Tencent registered tens of thousands of CN to protect the domain name QQ

September 6th news, last night at eight o’clock, Tencent Inc registered tens of thousands of five digits and the number of.Cn domain name, intended to protect the five digits and the number of QQ domain name six. These domains are currently under review.

I found that the Tencent Inc from eight points last night until 4 a.m. today, five digital.Cn domain name from 10000.cn to 99999.cn, six digital.Cn domain name from 100000.cn to 430581.cn between all unregistered.Cn domain name through a special Yantai Dili Sipu registrar registration registration interface an empty.


domain name registration information 430581.cn (domain name city plan)

this tens of thousands of.Cn domain name DNS are set to go1.cdns.cn and go2.cdns.cn. And we search through the domain name WHOIS information can be seen, these 2 groups of DNS for the China Internet Network Information Center, which is cnnic. This is just a few days ago reported that Tencent and CNNIC cooperation, CN domain name can become the entrance of the QQ space coincide. And these domain names expire in 2014. Tencent and CNNIC cooperation contract is 2 years


through the action of the Tencent last night, we conclude that the next Tencent to protect the QQ number.Cn domain five bit and six bit, seven bit, eight bit and so on? This is bound to more than five digital domain name registration and transaction volume have a dinner tonight? Tencent will continue to act or? Today the day to register


to this end, Tencent Inc has not yet made any announcement and explanation. We will continue to follow the report.

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