China’s Web site owners to forget the development of China’s wrong network one year old

access to the Internet for some time, really do individual owners from July 26th last year, the official start of the support, the anniversary, wrote this article to review the past year webmaster said days experienced groundless talk.

remember last July, I decided to do…… The domain name registration now:– maybe you do not know what it means, first I want to do a "save the industry network, because had been registered, so I registered the domain name homophonic, made two days" to save the industry net "I feel this is very difficult to do, so start toward the examination of website development, but because of their lack of resources, just by doing so, come from other website copy data is not meaningful, I started on the fourth day night brainstorming station…… A – to do the wrong……

but I was thinking about the subject of the mistake when I was sleeping……

after blooming in this wrong, I’ll climb up from sleep, search the Internet, at present the country and the world are not a mistake with this as the theme of the site, but in people’s daily life, work, learning and emotional aspects, will inevitably appear such errors. Also because of some misunderstanding caused some unnecessary things…… So the theme of my wrong network came out — finding the wrong share, the error, the error, the error, the error, and the error — the ultimate goal of avoiding error!

diz SS Chinese fault network using technology to the structure of the web site, because I do not technology (can be said to be blind), so this year because of technical problems I help many users on the network know, thank with your help for me there the wrong network today, there are also a lot of master planning and so on give me some good advice, here also expressed thanks! Technology is still a problem at the wrong network, I hope that through this article to find like-minded friends to work with me on this website……

from last July 26th to now I have 3 servers; site revision of not less than 5 times…… Some of these are what I do not understand the situation, which has failed to have success, I have experienced too much…… (in this year, due to various reasons, the wrong network will also drop out for a period of time, otherwise the wrong network current situation better than it is now, I remember the wrong network do best when the ranking reached 100 thousand, the overall ranking is 800 thousand, PR=4 (to be updated to 6), IP5000 pv20000,


network development up to now is not very ideal, but for me, is relatively satisfied, I through the wrong network did not make money, but has been in the inside money in, I am also very hard, although hard money, I feel happy, from this year.

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