12306 sites to develop technology to crack the real name system

experts suggested that the Ministry of Railways ticketing process should be more reasonable

IT Times reporter especially Xin Fei

this weekend, "Spring Rush tickets" will enter the second stage – the return ticket war. Although the Ministry of railways had shown on the "grab votes browser" dissatisfaction, but obviously this is not the root, the votes tension, hot ticket 20 seconds robbed a space, not the Internet become a neglected group of migrant workers. In fact, the Ministry of Railways should think more about how to arrange the entire process of the ticket, because the 2013 cattle, has been successfully upgraded to 2 versions of the use of high-tech.

fare increase of 100 yuan to get cattle tickets

in the barber shop Zhou Cheng (a pseudonym) has not been home for two years, his hometown in Chengdu. A few years ago because they did not buy tickets delayed, this year, parents call, repeatedly ordered him to bring his wife and children to go home, eat a reunion dinner. Then, a week also squeeze into the torrent to grab votes with vigour and vitality. However, on January 19th, he read the computer, 20 days in front of the screen to keep the two afternoon, what grab votes plugins are used, watched the ticket from hundreds to several pieces, and then sold out, and he did not grab a ticket. "Every day from Shanghai to Chengdu of the trips of not less than 10 times, 3 in the afternoon after a few minutes remaining tickets are robbed, do not know what tricks they use." While Zhou despaired that again left in Shanghai when he saw online advertising claims to be able to get the ticket scalpers. Hold a try attitude, and this week a cattle contact, and the ID card number and other information sent in the past, not a day, cattle really from "no ticket" booked two seats to 12306, and some 100 yuan each "high" fees. Zhou Chengyao’s Alipay through the money transferred to the cattle, he completed the transaction on the internet.

popular votes to grab the first turn

along with the train ticket real name system and online ticket advance, the line cattle suddenly no market. "IT times" reporter visited the ShangHai Railway Station ticket in the peak and the train ticket daishoudian found queues ticket less wandering, peddle scalped tickets in all corners of the situation has basically disappeared. However, there are policies, there are countermeasures, the group had to rely on combat, rely on the physical health of cattle also get together online, playing a technical activity.

reporter found in the online survey, after the train ticket pre-sale period, many cattle active in all kinds of classified information network, community, QQ group, selling popular trips to people’s train ticket. In a train ticket ticket group QQ group, the reporter pretended not to buy votes, to seek help, soon after two or three cattle accosted, or help purchasing, or transfer ticket.

In the

reporter skeptical on the occasion, a cattle rush ticket Master said, "they used the software on the market than the rush ticket software faster, there is a special team responsible for the brush votes, in addition to the normal invoice every day, all kinds of orders.

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