Short domain name domain name market have appeared promising in 2009 09 to enable the shortest domain name to provide short access services, website logo also formally merged. Twitter micro blog site on June officially enabled short domain name, to provide a short domain name input access services, convenient Internet users. Short domain name has always been enterprise terminal, investors, users and other various fields favor, its brief combination is not only easy to remember, and expensive.

in many short domain, recently caused a great sensation among the domain, domain name is currently held by Cai Wensheng, turned to the 4399 little game site, this time, is the major domestic websites to push micro-blog’s stage, many people in the industry pointed out that the domain name from the value, combination, are suitable for domestic micro-blog services the domain name in the state of appreciation. Although there is no other news about, but at least it can be proved that, whether it is the domain name investment or for other purposes, the benefits can be obtained considerable.

after this, another short domain name has also been heavily invested by domestic investors, the domain name and, two domain names were registered in 2003 by the domestic investment chiefs. domain name is renamed China purchased prior to the assistance, currently used to carry out UF’s "electronic commerce" business.

talk about the three debut of the shortest domain name,, and domain name. Among them, year by the Google purchase price, although Google has withdrawn from the China market, but still get inspection license, keep and two domain name access, this part also left China users for Google, while Google CN is a special domain name domain name value up to push up effect. While the other two short domain name and is also unveiled in front of everyone, Shenzhen, a company bought as a cloud computing portal domain name enabled, shoe store in the name of the purchase, and now turned to the official website.

more than 8 of the most short domain name is just one of many which is more representative of the short domain name, with the recent development of the market and the Internet domain name, short domain name becomes scarce, the value of water has been rising trend, only the domain name, in 2005 at a price of $50 thousand, after 5 years, the short domain name value more than doubled several times, the value of the domain name in the soaring short domain value rises to become a manifestation of the domain name market growing, a climate and its future.

of course, in addition to the short domain name, the domain name market to promote the development of other domains, such as domestic domain name market, mainly in the COM and CN domain name transactions, including Larry, digital, three letter domain name trading more cases, also the common development for the domain name market strength. In foreign trading platform, is mostly in the COM domain, some new suffixes in the vast expansion of the road to add some force, but also for the development of the mainstream domain guard counterparts, such as ".Co" domain name, "Chinese." as a new domain name suffix >

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