Sina News said the national network information office interviewed them poor rectification net stop

tiger sniffing note: April 10th Xinhua news agency, responsible for Sina’s person in charge of the state Internet information office related business bureau and the Beijing Internet Information Office jointly conducted interviews. National Internet Information Office, the relevant business bureau official pointed out that since 2015, the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received a report of 6038 cases involving Sina, which in April only 8 days before it reached 1227, ranking first in the main website.

until the law to stop its Internet news service

National Internet information office related business bureau official said, according to the interviews for Sina "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations" for rectification. If the rectification does not meet the requirements, or continue to appear during the rectification violations, will be severely punished according to law, until the law to stop its Internet news service.

Sina company official said, will do a good job for the rectification of the problem, strengthen internal audit management, strictly according to law to carry out the service, and actively spread positive energy, effectively assume the social responsibility of the network media.

Chen Tong, former chief editor at the end of last year to join millet


has a Chinese network media godfather, said the old man, has created Sina News, Sina business micro-blog, and has accumulated 17 years of experience in video and entertainment. Late last year, Chen Tong, former chief editor of departure from Sina, as vice president of millet company, responsible for the content of investment and operations, millet TV, millet box video content platform construction tasks.

talking about it when Chen Tong joined millet, Lei Jun said very frankly: millet for the executive team of technical men, relationship with some local governments may be good in the bigger way, but in Beijing, and had not "class" to the general secretary of the resume can take all the various ministries, the death card a when any file, millet investment in smart TV is facing the risk of losing.

National Internet information office at the end of last month announced the second batch of shut down 31 illegal websites list, this is since January 21st this year, the network paid delete posts extortion and special rectification work started, the second batch of illegal website departments according to the masses to shut down.

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