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1 outbreak of online education on the eve of the Internet giants have cut into the platform

with the haze broke out in Shanghai and other eastern city area, this word is no longer in Beijing patent, Nanjing Education Bureau issued a notice, asked the city’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to start a comprehensive pollution weather emergency response red, closed in December 5th. This scene, but let me think of the years before the SARS period, everyone at home, so there is a mall Jingdong.

In addition to

and Jingdong outside the mall, and a large company so bud was born, is the education of listed companies and its predecessor, "Mathematical Olympiad network" is popular at that time, it embarked on the road of education. That is, learning and thinking and New Oriental positioning is different, the New Oriental is hot, hot, Hot English borrowed abroad, IELTS TOEFL hot wind.

2.360 is developing a TV box and wireless router is expected to be released soon

December 12th news, 360 and another is being developed new hardware products exposure. According to 360 insiders of Tencent technology confirmed that the company is developing a wireless router and TV box, will soon be available for sale on the 360.

previously, the 360 joint router manufacturers to push Netcore security router, its biggest feature is security, anti Trojan, anti rub network, anti phishing. Sources said, 360 security router into the clearance phase, to prepare for the next generation of products released.

new routing products may be 360 independent research and development of the first hardware products, and before the release of more than 360 kinds of products more or less the technical support provided by third parties. The wireless router is upstream of the entrance, millet husk, routing and other manufacturers have reached 360, is also reluctant to give up the market.

another 360 people on Tencent technology, said the TV box is developing 360. As an application of the use of long neck and neck with communication, games, video has become one of the most important position in the mobile internet.

the 360 film Daquan has become an important entrance video website, announced together the video site all the video resources, 360 film Daquan still seize the mobile market, the second half of this year officially launched mobile version, and triggered a storm. Previously, there is news that Baidu’s PPS and Iqiyi executives have decided to shield the 360 film Daquan to grab its video resources.

outside has also been rumored, 360 coveted video market, may jointly Sina, Alibaba do video sites, has not been officially confirmed. One analyst pointed out that the 360 has recently been in the net video copyright resources, the future does not rule out in the video industry, the 360 film Daquan layout in the field of television TV box is lacking, push the flow, the extension of the industrial chain.

3 from to happy 10 will soon be forgotten web tribe


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