WeChat small program to short term can not be overestimated for a long time can not be underestimate

September 21st, the long rumored WeChat application, officially released in the name "WeChat public platform program", still take the online system, at present only a few developers can use. "WeChat" the father of Zhang Xiaolong in the circle of friends, this small program is a need to download and install the application can be used, the user can open or sweep search applications, applications available to users of WeChat reflects the concept of go out. After the application number came out, it was said that this time WeChat to subvert the AppStore, the developer is based on the development of a small program directly on WeChat, and do not have to develop what App. Some people say that WeChat is an operating system, really so?


drops is the most typical small program

what is the "small program"? Is the most typical access WeChat drops a taxi, the taxi drops without my mobile phone, but the WeChat can normal use drops taxi service, because the service is easy to use, a few steps can be completed, the underlying needs such as location, payment, WeChat can provide.


is the essence of the small program will be to drip, comment on these Tencent investment business is a part of the privilege, through standardized interfaces to ordinary developers. Specifically, WeChat small program provides a rich framework components and API interface call for developers, including: interface, view, content, buttons, navigation, multimedia, location, data, network, gravity sensor. Operating system to provide App developers have to provide the basic ability of WeChat, but its development language is JS and based on H5, and control authority and ability and operating system there are gaps, so is "small program" instead of "application".


users, do not download and install the App sounds attractive, also very few times most of the App mobile phone installation we in fact be opened, they have long dormant, everyone is lazy, mobile phone storage space is limited, WeChat’s advantage is "smooth", open WeChat users every day many times if you can, the way to solve the WeChat app, why go to install App? WeChat payment does not have its own App, but in the mobile payment market share reflects the rapid rise, easily the advantage of WeChat after payment is unlikely to develop their own App, it is a small program.

do not forget the small program "small"

WeChat public platform has been doing a different number, subscription number, service number, enterprise number. WeChat will be the number concept to the entire Internet industry, the headlines, NetEase, one hundred, direct number…… This time, WeChat public platform instead of using the number of the name, because WeChat has self-knowledge, small program key lies in the small".

with drops taxi

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