The privatization concept stocks three hole policy changes infighting and insult to injury

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 25th

in 2015 the formation of the concept of collective return to the tide, after nearly a year of fermentation, is entering a new stage.

May 23, 2016, Century Internet announced signed a share subscription agreement and inspiration holdings, inspiration holdings will through its associated investment of century Internet 388 million dollar investment, become a strategic shareholder 21vianet group.

analysis thinks, vianet major shareholder changed, may hinder the vianet privatization way back, because the Internet century after delisting to wait 3 years to submit materials, and then fight for the return of A shares market.

also has the investment industry believes that the enlightenment holdings to enter the Internet century behind, is to replace the violet international stature, there may be a compromise between the shareholder level. Bobby Chan may join hands in the future to complete the privatization of the initiative to accelerate the process of privatization of the Internet in the 21st century.

on the same day, a number of private investors nearly 360 confirmed to the Tencent of science and technology, the 360 are not necessarily in privatization can be completed before June 15th, and then from the stocks delisting, but the 360 have been addressing policy issues of the exchange, is now the executive stage of swap.

earlier, the car home buyers group and peace in China, the war is still ongoing, each other in the control of the car’s home ownership. The number of investment industry to technology Tencent broke the news: privatization plans to suspend the celebrations of the times. Unfamiliar Street privatization may be at a standstill.

so far, this lasted a year takes stock of collective return to the tide now has Jiayuan, Youku potatoes, grand game, Home Inns, MSI, bona, Mobile Games, perfect world and many other business takes stock delisting, even the return of A shares backdoor.

360, the music funny game, eLong, cool 6 media, private Air Media, rice and other enterprises to enter the final game process, imminent delisting. Vianet, unfamiliar street, togetherness era, privatization trend is not very clear.

in this drama, and the car home, Dangdang, ikang, Shanda, Zhaopin into private ownership or spoiler infighting. In the capital bloody snatch return A shares cake process, the loss of a lot of opportunities to start.

YY suffered privatization policy change to suspend


scheme can not change, the privatization of the celebrations of the times had obvious, its privatization smoothly, but once suffered suspension.

earlier, Tencent has exclusive technology received a material display, togetherness era may sign privatization in the second quarter of 2016 or the third quarter and agreement, and to achieve delisting in the third quarter of 2016.

in accordance with the road map, then, the celebrations of the times will be completed red chips and VIE removal, and in the first quarter of 2017, a clear return to A shares, probably in late 2017 by.

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