Zhou Hongyi nternet thinking is not panacea or from the user point of view

today more and more traditional industries are being affected by the Internet, many companies are facing the challenges of the Internet, hoping to better understand the internet. So, the word Internet thinking spread like wildfire, increasingly hot, but I’m worried about the Internet thinking and finally became the "panacea panacea". In fact, in the face of the rapid development of the Internet, we are still playing in the seaside of the children, even if there is the Internet thinking, it is also a small number of sea spray.

But as

in the Internet in the past twenty years, entrepreneurs, I think the traditional enterprises must understand the characteristics of the Internet economy and the traditional economy is not the same place, so in order to better meet the challenges. If the traditional economic thinking into the Internet to compete, that is tantamount to climb onto the land with the leopard shark fight, is sure to lose. Therefore, ready to transition to the traditional Internet companies, we must understand the characteristics of the following Internet economy.

first, user first.

‘s traditional economy emphasizes that "the customer is God"." This is a two-dimensional economic relationship, that is, businesses pay only for people to provide services. However, in the Internet economy, as long as you use your product or service, that is god. Therefore, the motto of the Internet economy is the user is god." On the Internet, not only do a lot of money, but also the quality of doing particularly well, or even lose money to welcome people to use. Recently, there are two software called the car was awfully, passengers using software successful single, you dare to block 5 passengers, I dare to block 10.

many traditional enterprises cannot read the rules of the game, think this behavior is simply crazy and lose money. But the Internet economy is like this, if you can not converge massive users, it is difficult to establish an effective business model. So, in order to snatch the user, Internet Co is racking their brains, using the eighteen Wu Yi, the development of the car is like a car to see the software who dare to hit the money, see who hit the money more.

traditional positive thinking to the Internet will be ineffective, suffered setbacks. For example, before 2002 there had been e-mail war, when the market dominance of the 263 mailbox full charge, in fact, this is the traditional customer is God thinking. The result is that users have to give up 263 mailboxes, turned to the free NetEase mailbox. Finally, the number of users 263 mailbox dropped, now the market has been hard to hear its voice.

second, experience is king.

we all know, the Internet era is an era of information asymmetry, is an era of information transparency. In the Internet era, consumer behavior has changed. In the absence of the traditional Internet era, the relationship between businesses and consumers, is based on asymmetric information. Generally speaking, do not buy the essence of sale. However, with the Internet, the rules of the game changed. They can compare the price of the mouse, and can be easily discussed between each other online, consumers become more and more active, >

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