2009 Jiangsu annual meeting held in Nanjing

webmaster network on November 7th, 2009 Jiangsu station November 7th annual meeting held in the afternoon of Nanjing science and Technology Museum, the annual meeting by caifutong and Jiangsu station host, Yanhuang network club owners, contractors, Interactive Encyclopedia, podcast network, 8684 bus network, 3D Nanjing, Admin5 stationmaster net, I net CO, from all over the country more than 500 owners participated in the meeting.

the theme of the conference is: Stone City heroes were on the site of fabric, the profit promotion way. In the guest speech link, NSFocus security expert Li Na, Dai Zhikang, President of Pan Haidong Comsenz Interactive Encyclopedia published a wonderful speech; at the peak of the dialogue session, guests from all over the country on the road, SNS web site operators and community site development ideas, e-commerce alliance and profit model, website optimization and promotion of the road such as the current a hot topic of discussion and exchange.

PM 18:00, the conference is over.


attend the meeting of the guests and the webmaster


Jiangsu station station Zhou dry issued green network initiative


CEO Dai Zhikang Comsenz speech


Interactive Encyclopedia President Pan Haidong keynote speech


money paid business director Huang Junjun keynote speech


province famous guests dialogue site operation of the road (Hua Jun software park Huajun, Xicihutong Liu Hui, Strait fishing net Li Ziwei, summer days 8684CEO   Chen Ou Fei, tuniu net card number

Shi Zhengchuan)


                  development ideas and SNS guests dialogue community site (Ningzhe network Zhou Ning, Dong Qinfeng, Dai Zhikang, laggards Comsenz CNZZ Zhang Zhiqiang, director of the HOUSE365 community, Liu Shen Hua Long Xiang Qian Yu).


guest dialogue e-commerce and alliance profit model (SHOPE>)

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