2010 Global Chinese Forum hundred selection activities start

in 2010, with Li Gang, Xifeng, Satsuki, dwelling, "3S lady", high prices…… These words let netizens worship, the Internet played more important role in people’s life, like air can not lack of forum is becoming another spiritual home.

initiated by ifeng.com forum, United iResearch data, Internet Magazine, voices online, die Zeit, Tiexue, Sanxiang and other media jointly organized the "2010 Global Forum Chinese hundred selection activities, today is the beginning of popular vote.

The selection of

consists of 22 categories, including: comprehensive forum, forum, local novels, leisure life, military science and technology community, IT, and the specific discharge forum basic information, category, PR value, Alexa rankings, Baidu included in the relevant information. Easy for users from various aspects of comprehensive evaluation, comments, and finally give a fair score.

not only has a strong lineup of judges, each big portal forum head, more industry celebrities involved. The results are true, award certificate, awarded the 2010 Global Forum Chinese hundred title.


[activity time]

selection time: from December 8, 2010 to January 20, 2011

Results: at the end of January 2011


1 if you are the administrator of the forum, the forum also want you to participate in this activity, you can click the "add forum", submit the information according to the page request, we will promptly after receiving the audit as soon as possible to join the top 100 award.

2 love forum users, hundreds of forums look forward to your scoring and comments. Your choice will be an important force in promoting the development of the Chinese forum.

click vote: 2010 Chinese Forum 100 strong selection http://s.bbs.ifeng.com/special/bbs100

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