nternet products is to develop user habits or just need to solve the user

since 2016, when it comes to entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people say that the arrival of the capital of the winter, financing difficulties, user growth is weak, difficult to achieve profitability. Many entrepreneurs are motivated to change the world dream to create the so-called Internet products, when the limelight outdated is difficult to continue, it seems like a lot of entrepreneurs are so down. Due to the reasons, head believes that all products still need to solve the user just need to, this will be more lasting, effective growth.

is run as a product of several years old, most of the time in the discussion of product design and product market operation, there is always a word that is always "can be heard without end, digging the needs of users". To say this, Mr. head is really not that identity. Because the user’s demand is not a product manager or product operation of the staff will be able to find out. The real needs of the user is needed every day, there is no need to feel uncomfortable or unable to live better. If we always look at the problem in mining, so the user may just dig niche demand. The most taboo to do the product may be too different and ignore the rigid demand of the public.

For example

14 years fire several magic camera APP, was the fire in a complete mess, it seems like a lot of buddy side are in use. But in the 15 year of 16 years, seemingly disappeared, at least in the first Mr side has rarely see people in the use of the. The reason, or because these APP just meet the user’s initial curiosity, and did not solve their daily needs. When the volume is greater, the function is more perfect after the emergence of APP, the original APP of the cold is inevitable.

actually, do not try to cultivate the habit of users.

a newly born APP, whether it is the idea or the use of logic and ordinary people are not the same as the contact, or change people’s past perception. This APP is always the name of the slogan to users to promote change people’s habits, results in the rigid demand is not resolved, the new habit can not adapt to the situation, this APP is also very easy to be rejected by the user.

, for example, a car APP 15 years down, after the initial hot, when financing can no longer the collapsed. Finally summed up the reasons, although the car wash is a demand for each car owners, but this demand is not so high frequency. And this car wash APP is moving toward the idea of high frequency to design, while trying to develop user habits.

don’t APP a human can change a few years or decades of living habits, this is unrealistic, even if the money hit out of habit, when the money is gone, this habit will die with it. Demand is always the life of the product, but at the time of the design must be clear about curiosity, just need, high frequency demand, low frequency demand difference, otherwise perfect design, also >

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