My navigation site call the shots

", with the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Nothing is too strange." this sentence is more appropriate than the evaluation of the internet. Recently, the author because of the wrong site, actually on the net Amoy to a baby.


day, when browsing the web, the wrong address input into "", the result of this thought may not have the registered address, let the author accidentally opened a DIY navigation site. Navigation sites who have seen, but the novelty is that this is "good" navigation site actually can according to their own interests and the common site on their own to create a "good" navigation pages, Internet DIY.

I personally try, in accordance with the website operation step by step, the application for registration of a user name, and then began to design their own website navigation, good navigation page just opened, provides a number of commonly used web site navigation as a registered user, and the user can keep the page with the intended navigation web site, or they do not commonly used the classification and single URL delete, and add links according to their own choice to add categories and items, commonly used, and the process is very simple, you can directly click on the Add button to add, or in the blank right click to own love website directly added to the polymerization to their own navigation website, then click Save as my home page can, as long as the open, good – my home page, you can find their own navigation page, and can According to their own needs at any time to add new web site address.

is the opinion of the author, is good than IE network favorites and navigation website is more convenient and practical new products. Compared with site navigation, good self selection, more can reflect their needs, you can always cut or Add URL, just need to love in their own web page click on the right button, the page can be aggregated into their own navigation pages, and experience the fun of DIY at the same time, but also eliminates the need to search the web site for navigation time, more in line with today’s pursuit of personality, fashion, convenient popular with young people.

compared with favorites, good navigation pages can be classified, classification clear, easy to operate, and if his good home page, and then look for common website may reduce the number of clicks, convenient and time-saving; the more important is that it can "carry", no matter where you go, as long as you you can open the Internet good page, find their own home, before any URL can be stored at a glance, rather than as favorites, only in this machine. If you don’t save, using your computer or computer, reinstall the system, can not find the preservation of the site, not only quite inconvenient, and it may be many important loss.

good can develop their own navigation home page, you can also directly "used", or shared with others navigation page, can be used directly to others has already done the template, slightly modified, it can receive for their own use, and browse through others navigation pages, a clear understanding of others’ interests, "

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