Local community portal promotion solutions 1

into the webmaster industry for more than two years, the first time the article, there are a lot of ideas before you want to communicate with each other, there is no time to write it, a brief introduction of my personal experience. I had to do a successful QQ space station before, just the beginning of the epidemic, made a QQ material website, this is my first stop, it is a primary step in IT industry of small owners, a month can take about 2000RMB very happy, then slowly on the Dede Empire DZ these relatively simple procedure, occasionally I was introduced to some enterprise site list, economic income is guaranteed, so formally into the IT industry, now in Qingdao set up a network company, a new starting point for the Qingdao www.qdxin.com. The list has been constantly, but with the birth of phpwind8, let me have the idea of doing Qingdao community portal. Want to do well, do a certain degree of visibility, but also need to communicate with the webmaster. Here are a few tips for the promotion of site operations.

1 domain name

a good domain name, have some help to the local publicity, we use the spelling domain name, www.qingdaobaixing.com Qingdao people’s spelling. Previously used a short CC domain name, but we still use the COM domain name, the result of the survey is a long domain name users can accept, as long as a good record can be. Many of the local community to do the webmaster may prefer a short CC or other domain name, please be sure to investigate the situation of your local Internet users, I personally think that the CC domain name is suitable for use in most parts of the south.

2 preparation

north to CNC is selected, we server Netcom, the forum set up after the first art arrangement, logo is a soul of the website, also must have meaning, our website name is Qingdao letter network, Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city, first of all, of course, with a blue color the main. The next task I focus on how to set up the forum in the hierarchy and bonus points, gold coins and other functions. Then the 3 web editor for a total of ninety registered a vest, then began to enrich website content, above the key work for a week to arrange down.

3 determines the site’s keyword

many people see here is not expected to look down, because the feeling is A5 Chinaz writing routine, but the local community the traffic we mostly depend on the search engine, we do not expect these flows will bring us many registered members, only for the portal page and forum home page advertising show a foreshadowing. We determine the key words: Qingdao port (Baidu index 1600) Qingdao people network (Baidu index). Forum: bbs.qingdaobaixing.com keyword: green Qingdao community (Baidu index 2000), Qingdao forum,

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