A brief talk on WAP promotion of a few tips

in the WAP industry, in fact, there are a lot of stations, some people stand even more than some of the company’s station and some famous. So in the field of WAP as long as people understand this aspect, generally have their own station. In fact, only their own stand, it is good to practice those SEO and promotion, or all of the SEO is just talk.

Wap is not like web, there is no gorgeous appearance, but now some of the 3G site also began to do some beautiful. Most still do not, because he does not have any CSS style is certainly not good to put the flash, the picture is not put a lot, so in the promotion of some places is the same as web, while others are not.

The promotion of

Wap is inseparable from the chain and content. So I’ll talk about the chain.


chain, including a lot of, friends of the chain, soft, post, reply, blog, of course you can picture, also can try to do some interesting pictures of my own on the picture is not very good, no way, only on the front some say.

I would cite this example, this station is now the promotion joke of my mobile phone, mobile phone joke in the chain, in fact, in the WAP industry is the new industry, it is difficult for you to see that PR is more than 5 of the site, unless the company is standing, I rarely go to the PR value, I only see it a few points to decide whether the standing cooperation and friends of the chain. The first station, whether the contents of violations, such as whether jurisprudence, is involved in political content; second, whether the site content updates, often third, how about the quality of a chain, a station is good, whether it is new, if there is, can be seen from a chain of his team. Fourth, is how to cooperate, the first chain or the chain, and now I am still very effective promotion of the phone joke.

soft, actually a lot of people, the soft text is very tangled, I don’t have to, because he doesn’t see directly flow in, even if people really identify your article, back will remember your website? What next to IE and open the WAP plug-in to the station, so the quality of the soft must be good, to get the effect, can make people remember your site, so soft, or to write, but I have to write, in the promotion of my mobile phone to see a joke, write that what the online living in the world, my body can not remember what website, but at that time a shock to me is very big, his reply is very high, people will want to look at this is what website, so soft, writing, and to write, how to write, it is practice, compared with Practice。 The only real knowledge comes from practice.

As to

replies what effect, it cannot do without your signature, you can set the QQ, MSN can also be set, the forum can also, as long as you are willing, you can make your website develop unlimited in the limited space.

is wrong, please advice, more exchanges and more learning.

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