Geely University alumni network station 200 day online promotion method

recently construction a student exchange community, the number of online visitors to the establishment of the first day reached 200, this result is satisfactory, so I to reveal to the public Geely University alumni network promotion method.

at the right time, the domain name is the key to success, Geely University alumni network promotion is to rely on the half domain support. 08 registered at the end of the, which is not only convenient network friendly record, more important is easy to optimize.

students are interested in new things, so we will put the webmaster today’s hottest things into the most popular communication section, such a high popularity of the eye-catching title, post, reply Wang, can let users feel this site is alive, is new. Here I will talk about my specific promotion methods.

1 brings 100IP registered 1 dedicated irrigation QQ, the search for a number of Geely University QQ group, into the group after the group of business cards, right click on the list of members of the group into the QQ space to promote message

2 brings 300IP! This QQ can also into the group after group mail, e-mail is able to bring the flow but also pay attention to mass skills, put your site to a hot topic, do a fake website can be induced into the link, one is enough,

much trouble!

3 brings 500IP! This method is very hard, it is rotten to the bad way, but it is useful. In the QQ group issued such a paragraph: "the University of Victoria alumni network and Tencent cooperation," this message forwarded to the 3 QQ group, your QQ level will become the sun. The statement is almost such, of course I do not write the words, is to rely on you mind.

4 use the website comes with the promotion of links, users can get a promotion link after registration, promotion of 1 people visit or how much to get the registration of 1 people, etc..

wrote here almost everyone some website promotion is hard work, but taking the time to promote will have a good return.

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