Email = spam marketing

Email =

spam marketingSilly little

wrote an article "spam marketing can?", was originally a good topic, unfortunately, silly little in the first paragraph of the concept of substitution, he put forward another question: can now Email marketing


was the first to clarify several concepts, Emai marketing is not equal to the so-called spam; spam refers to the use of Internet users through the passive acceptance of email useless information; viral spam should not be regarded as a network marketing,

as a personal webmaster, fully grasp the user resources is a magic weapon, so there are many forums to mail as required. In the last article I talked about a little "as a webmaster, I once used QQ to provide online services for users, but often disturb my life and work, so I now use email to provide services for users. The Internet is also a valuable source of information, if you have sufficient resources to users will be more conducive to the promotion of your site. Relatively speaking, email service providers can provide you with better service, and this QQ has not done.

detailed source reference:, but a lot of people can not pay attention to.

Email service providers to fully understand the importance of Email marketing, so when you register a mailbox, ask what information you are interested in, in fact, you are interested in the information to you, is a kind of Email marketing.

Taobao, a lot of advertising alliance mass alliance information is not a Email marketing.

is now flooded with the kind of invoice information, which is actually a virus. Contrary to the spirit of the internet.

for personal webmaster, can give full play to Email marketing function should be "e-mail list", rather than the kind of mass software.

the beginning of the birth of the Internet, the interactive function of the network is still very limited, e-mail list comes with Email, called electronic magazine, the reader is interested in the subject of the mail subscription. At that time, the great influence of the Shanghai hotline comprehensive mailing list

closed open mail list and email list, closed mailing list, users can not participate in the discussion, open mail list, everyone can participate in the discussion, and distributed to the mailbox, similar to BBS, now QQ group mail has such function. So QQ group of mail can be regarded as a way of marketing Email. Just 2 of the rise, the e-mail list is quickly forgotten. You search for the latest free e-mail list, the information can be found in 2001.

and "Microsoft Web" is still in operation, I passed him to receive and send e-mail > "

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