Looking for the most outstanding stock investors in Sichuan action in the stock city network strong

Shares the vast sea who?

    in March, the recovery of all things; Chinese Spring returns to the good earth., the young capital market has opened a new page. In this beautiful day, in order to meet the requirements of investors, in order to inherit, deepening and innovation of stock investment philosophy, in order to explore, create and develop a new era of investors, China by Western influence the largest and most popular sub provincial city newspaper, the Chengdu daily and the well-known large brokerage, SW securities and Guangdong professional investment financial network: a city network (http://s.stockcity.cn) combination launched Shenyin Securities Investment Challenge Cup battle.
      review in the process of A stock market in 10 years, due to the institutional advantage in information, funds, personnel, individual investors are in weak position in investment in shares, the vast sea, small investors are too many to count with broken halberds defeat. But things shift shift, with China stock market gradually mature, grow, standardize market tends to the strengthening of supervision, information disclosure, investors tend to standardize the concept of bottom-up mature, individual beat to beat the market, institutions do not tell some fantastic tales. Moreover, in the interview, we are very pleased to see that, with a large number of correct investment philosophy, with indomitable will, experience, and a veteran in battle, to survive in the fierce market competition, individual investors. Of course, we also see that because of the lack of correct concept and method of investment, not the right investment mentality, blindly or inverse trends, and frustration in the market the investors are still struggling for wandering.
    this competition registration time since April 3rd, applicants please visit the stock City website registration (www.stock>)

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