Oil station O2O platform car to refuel announced the completion of over billion yuan A round of fin

August 18th news, recently, oil platform "car to the gas station O2O announced the completion of over 100 million yuan A+ round of financing, the current round of investment includes it real fund, Renren, the capital of Gobi and other industrial capital.

it is understood that at the end of July this year, car to the gas has covered 38 City motor vehicle retains the amount of over one million, cooperative oil station nearly 600, over 2 million registered users, 1 million 600 thousand monthly active users platform, transaction more than 200 million yuan. By the end of this year, the car to the end of the hope that the completion of the "ten thousand stations" goal, that is more than 1000 oil stations, the daily trading volume of 10 million.

car to the fuel was founded in February 2015, is part of the Beijing car to the Network Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the owner of the oil station refueling O2O vertical field, to provide fuel for the majority of owners. April 13, 2015, its products on the line, the car to the oil pool together hundreds of oil stations, a key navigation, single, mobile payment within the car. At the same time it can also help private oil station owners to establish and operate WeChat service number.

car to the gas chairman Yu Chang said, "oil station management mode of service in the car to have a choice of the network will focus on regional scale private oil enterprises cooperation, especially the importance of product quality, brand promotion, network expansion of the oil companies, helping them to become regional brands, bigger and stronger and even go on the capital market. At the same time, Chang revealed that the car to refuel and dozens of private enterprises approached management services cooperation, and has launched a pilot cooperation in a number of oil companies."

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