Record industry to pay for music download pessimistic attitude accounting for only 2%


to the music industry collective challenge channel

account ratio adjustment can save the record industry

previously, on digital music downloads should charge outside the industry raised a hot topic, many people think, pay to download original music will let people sweat not in vain, the music industry also will be saved.

, however, the reporter found in the interview, many of the record industry who pay for digital music download pessimistic. In their view, regardless of whether or not the digital music is not the most important factor to save the recording industry. To save the music industry, the key lies in the music industry chain can be optimized for the sub model. Has the absolute right to speak in the music website or in front of telecom operators, the record industry split ratio as low as 2%-3%, which is the cause of poverty, music creators who have turned the music industry." Reasonable adjustment of industrial chain split ratio, is to save the music industry’s gate.

music copyright income accounted for only 2%

it is understood that split the main ways of the present music copyright from two parts: one is the Tencent, such as Baidu Internet channels; two is China Unicom, mobile telecom operator customized ringing tone download.

in the Internet channel, the two sides generally split ratio for the Internet channel business accounted for 98%, accounted for 2% of music copyright, the absolute disadvantage; and in the mobile operators, the main business both sides split to download customized ringing tone 55 is divided into the proportion of seemingly impressive, but subject to accounting transparency is not enough, business less and other reasons, the record industry is far lower than the proportion of the actual profit. Insiders had consolidated estimates, the recording industry as a whole will not exceed 3% of the proportion of accounts.

it is understood that in Japan, South Korea and other countries, the proportion of music copyright holders in the accounts can even reach 90% in Europe and the United States, the proportion of the recording industry is generally more than 70%. The split ratio of injustice, the original Taihe CEO Song Ke had repeatedly said "dissatisfied" and "protest". He has complained: "micro-blog brothers (film) cinema box office party concealing end, content can take 25% split, you still not satisfied? Music channels only to work in just ways to 3% party content, it forced to complain."

flight records President Ceng Yu told reporters that in the current industry environment, the domestic music industry to get a split ratio of more than 70%, in order to ensure decent living, proportion of revenue website and telecom operators and other channels to get 30% more reasonable.

in an interview with reporters found that the music industry and websites and telecom operators to 7:3 into proportion, is the split mode widely, singing art (Beijing) Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Siqi and veteran music music bell invariably believe that this is the industry hopes to achieve the most perfect split the proportion of.

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