Mobile phone pre installed software will be reported to the Ministry of industry next month

Beijing daily news (reporter Qu Zhongfang) for the recent frequent users were exposed intelligent mobile phone preloaded software "kidnapping", the Ministry will soon officially implemented next month "on the strengthening mobile intelligent terminal into the network management notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") clear requirements, mobile phone manufacturers pre installed software must pass the letter department of the audit level, at the same time, the requirements of mobile phone manufacturers shall not be installed without user consent, unauthorized collection, modify user information software, resulting in traffic consumption, cost, information disclosure and other adverse consequences of software to the users. But the rule is really solve the mobile phone pre installed software chaos, insiders admitted difficult to completely solve.

in the application is king of the era of smart phones, the majority of users have been pre installed software phone kidnapping". Recently, the Beijing Business Daily reporter visited the survey was informed that, equipped with Android smart phone preloaded software system up to twenty or thirty, and the user can not uninstall uninstall. At present, more than a dozen applications preloaded in Android phones become the norm. These pre installed software both mobile phone manufacturers have their own application software vendors third. Consumers generally criticized the crux of the problem lies in the pre installed software can not be uninstalled, pre installed software malicious chargeback, steal user privacy information and other security risks.

A sales staff

a mainstream stores said: "the current domestic mobile phone preloaded software generally has three ways, one is the operator to customize mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone applications will require their internal binding; the two is when the mobile phone factory, mobile phone manufacturers pre installed applications from home or third parties; the three is in the process of mobile phone sales channels, distributors are likely to channel promotion as a bargaining chip in cooperation with software manufacturers pre installed, or later brush machine pre installed software."

ministry above a paper ban seems to let people see the dawn of the pre installed software to solve the chaos. However, industry experts are not optimistic that this provision is still difficult to make the user once and for all.

China Mobile Internet industry alliance Secretary General Li Yi Beijing daily in an interview with reporters analysis: "this provision only from mobile phone factory of some constraints on the mobile phone manufacturers, but not supporting the introduction of the implementation of supervision and punishment, mobile phone from the factory to the time of consumers in a regulatory vacuum, also provides an opportunity for the malicious software pre installed mobile phone."

it is worth mentioning that, for the meager profits of the low-end mobile phone manufacturers, the pre installed software has become an important source of revenue, they through the network access of government departments in the mobile phone factory, can still be in the distribution way in the pre installed software.

observers pointed out that the pre installed software has formed a huge black industry chain of interests in the country, covering mobile phone manufacturers, telecom operators, the dealer and the application software provider, channel promotion etc.. In fact, cut this chain is not difficult at the technical level, but there is no related regulation for the pre installed software chaos direct driving force and enthusiasm, which in large.

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