Xinwanghulian together with the agents to overlord clause domain name customers

recently, a Guangzhou Zhang to respect the rice network response, the company in September 2004 in the new network registration of a domain name encountered problems, we hope to help.

is the domain name to the problems besetting the helpless

After a detailed understanding of

, Mr. Zhang’s domain name is a new network in the Internet, a voice for the Guangzhou click technology company registered. As Mr. Zhang for their services and charges are not satisfied, want to renew the domain name to other agents Xinwanghulian, nearly two years repeatedly and click technology negotiation, its customer service staff were all said to prevarication – $500 yuan fee can handle the relevant formalities.

reporter to start investigating the identity of the client

received Mr. Zhang reaction of the situation, the reporter contacted the first time Xinwanghulian Guangzhou branch customer service representative to Miss Yao, Miss Yao with reflects this situation, Miss Yao argued that its agents have established internal management rights, for this new network only in coordination, and promised to "click" technology after consultation will give customers a satisfactory answer.

two days later, the reporter and Mr. Zhang has not received a new network of Internet and click technology reply, with questions reporters once again linked to miss yao. Get back to the same as the previous one, saying it has been with the click of the "Maggie Qin" miss the matter, let us again with the Miss Qin contact processing. So repeatedly, the reporter again to Mr. Zhang’s clients contacted "click technology" Miss Qin, the other end of the phone line of girls has been going to admit that he is "Maggie Qin". In this way, once again to the "Miss unknown" restatement of the matter, get a reply with Mr. Zhang initially received the same reply, you need to pay a fee to handle.

reporter reluctantly contact the new network management

under no resistance, the reporter wants to deputy head of the new network of interconnected with Guo Bo for help, after the phone is connected to the reporter to show the identity of Guo Zong, Guo Guo after the meeting is to hang up the phone.

failed to look forward to the new progress of


since then, the reporter called the phone again, Mr. Zhang, he again reluctantly said to us: "if it is not, we still accept their conditions, right? Can not because of the domain name affect the site!"

for this progress, reporters also feel very helpless, hope that through the power of online media can really help the help of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang such by the domain name service provider "overlord clause" persecution of customer groups.

the latest developments in this matter, respect rice network will continue to carry out, please pay close attention to!

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