Win in the mobile terminal Forum and beauty game related business opportunities


win in the mobile and cloud Roundtable scene (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent science and technology news April 7th news, today, in 2012 the seventh annual meeting of the Chinese Internet will be held at the Beijing International Conference center. Afternoon, Liu Pingyang, Microsoft Chinese petals network CEO platform Division technical director Zhao Liwei, flash poly mesh CEO Liu Xingliang, Zero2IPO director Ye Bin, CEO Ronaldo sinks Sichuan, cool disk chairman Huang Mingming, the positive benefits of wireless AppCan for Liu Xin to participate in a win in mobile and cloud mobile Internet how to seize the opportunity "as the theme of the roundtable forum.


application sinks CEO Luo Chuan

Luo Chuan said that really push the mobile Internet is iPhone and Android two phones. "In every region, every vertical field will produce different from the past to the needs of the Internet, this will greatly change our past ways of obtaining information will greatly change each user get the service, especially in consulting, entertainment, games, for various scenes promote services and tools products etc.."


petal mesh CEO Liu Pingyang

Liu Pingyang said that the domestic mobile Internet opportunities are summarized in terms of 3 G:girl (beauty), game (game), gamb (gambling).


Liu Xingliang


Liu Xingliang believes that the first thing of the future generations of strangers can make friends entrepreneurs in the field of mobile internet.


is responsible for wireless AppCan Liu Xin

Liu Xin said: "this year the mobile Internet is a hot topic, but we analyze the hot do not speak with these two years will disappear, or become a direction, has become an important branch of the internet. In the process of the popularization of the mobile Internet, we must face some problems, such as we are currently facing the development of mobile applications difficult, high cost of development, as well as the subsequent operation and maintenance of the problem."


, director of the general manager of venture capital

at the forum site, ye bin revealed that Qing Branch invested 30 companies last year, including Tencent open platform above the enterprise.


Microsoft China platform Division technical director Zhao Liwei


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