2010 the survival way of local information station

listing 2009, financial crisis, network rectification, block off the net, many unfavorable factors under pressure, part of the Webmaster Station abandoned away, leaving a scarred lesson, experienced the worst of the network, must be low after the rebound was hit, no webmaster smiled, as local information station how to create success in the webmaster Chunhua Yulu 2010, listen to the station’s 2010 plan:

2009 Review, Zibo information network was established in the financial crisis at the end of the network to rectify the beginning, in order to improve website popularity and visibility was free for local small and medium-sized enterprises and individual advertising, free for two months, two months after the advertising price, on the site on the line for third months when the first paycheck. 300 yuan, from advertising revenue, second income is 1203 yuan in February 23, 2010, and advertising revenue. All free advertisers last year.

that part of the profit, we are very concerned about profits will be more concerned about in the short term, a station on the line 7 month income 1500 yuan, it should be, how I do it, very simple, is through the form of free advertising to do, it really has a lot of local the same type of website to compete, but profitability is essential. I stand to profit, not for the other, in a suitable time to do a proper action is the law of profit.

2010 planning, I intend to put all the advertising revenue of 1500 yuan invested in 2010 is expected to be about $20000 revenue sources or advertising. In fact, it can be said that the 2010 plan is a continuation of the 2009, because in 2009 there are a lot of things are not done

1, make the site more convenient, more conducive to users to publish and find information

user friendliness is the key element to facilitate users, and now the site is using the ocean program, user convenience is not high, the revision is inevitable.

2, improve keywords ranking

keyword ranking Baidu ‘Zibo information network’ in more than a dozen, which is obviously not a good effect, I roughly forget about it, if you reach the top 5, Baidu access will be around 300 per day.

3, regional business cooperation

In fact,

cooperation in real life often exists, the site can also be a media as well as the next line of business cooperation, cooperation can be interchangeable can provide gifts and events.

above is the general planning of the site, it seems very common, but there is a general truth inside, do not believe you can try!

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