Analysis of the psychological characteristics of nternet marketing for the novice

network marketing as one of the most popular marketing mode, if we can in this industry, I believe the harvest money is not in two to calculate, can be calculated in kilograms and even tons. Because now the most popular is the Internet thinking, but with the Internet thinking, but can not do without the support of network marketing. For example, the success of millet, the success of a taxi software, in addition to the role of the Internet in its thinking mode, an excellent marketing model is undoubtedly the right way to make the Internet glow of external power.

so many novice began to look at the network marketing this gold mine. However, with the continuous exploration of the novice in this field, the mentality has begun to change gradually, which has a negative effect on their future development. The following is a brief exposition of these psychological states.

first, it’s hard to do now. For this part of the novice who, although see the thinking of the Internet business, but because the industry is beginning to feel saturated, now already started late, so in this field is a moth, it is very difficult to succeed. Because of their psychological state has been the existence of 28 criteria, that is, when an industry began to mature, successful people tend to be only about 20%, while the other is often only able to do for others to marry clothes for the 80%. In fact, although the network marketing also follow the 28 principles, but if the use of innovative marketing ideas, it is easy to enter the ranks of the 20%.

second, marketing effect seems not so good. This is also a common problem for many novice marketers. For example, take the post of the most common marketing tool, a lot of new posts will be posted for a long time the phenomenon of post. So began to appear in the network marketing is difficult to do, especially free marketing. In fact the legend of the navy so badly, the most important is to post and towers, and they also note the success of what. It can be seen that a marketing method is not effective, not the method itself is not correct, but the use of their own problems. I realized this point, can put the marketing mentality, so as to tap the way to realize these methods, it can improve the marketing effect of these methods.

third, the network marketing resources have been exhausted. Many new Adsense after free marketing mode will be issued a blow, now network marketing resources basically blocked, want to post on the blog, if involved in advertising, or will be terminated. Posted on the forum, which is the front hair back delete. The establishment of WeChat public account, but because of his hair advertising, is also closed. All in all, their own marketing is so bumpy road.

then began to issue a marketing resource is now difficult to dig, network marketing is really difficult conclusion. But these resources are really exhausted? The answer is, of course, is negative, because any marketing methods have their own resources, but you are looking for these resources, and did not find the right way. For example, you want to do QQ group

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