How do steal traffic from Sina blog

on its website today, read, and as usual, the landing of the statistics, look at the statistics, scared me, usually their traffic is only a little less than 100 today, why there are so many on the more than and 400, the road seems very happy, basically are from Sina the blog and the blog, Sina blog by more than and 200, and to the more than and 80, the traffic is an article I wrote yesterday, the traffic flow is very good, I can send two website blog, if I send 10 station traffic to blog. Not much, one to 80 it is 800, and don’t come to so much, so as to increase its own flow to add their own chain, Why not?


I believe that this method has many who have done it, have a lot of friends also have experience than me, than I can, I’m smarter than me, told me the method may, your way here, and communicate with you once. Not everyone to do so, just to look at you, you think about finishing, you better than I do.

I believe we all know now blog audit more stringent, can put some beauty series and sensitive topic, an article I wrote is energy-saving, we all know that this is the topic on the Internet recently very concerned, but this topic in front of you may not write blog to review the past, I have to do so, I just at the time of this writing, write a little feelings and comments of their own, you may have to understand a little SEO, know what is the title of the party, to attract visitors to the eye, do not let the audit to refuse to the title of the bright point, write Internet users favorite and most concerned about the information, such as high your click rate, here, how about that go to flow into my website that I did, in each article At the end, plus a next page and a page of pictures, so to create a visitor and a feeling, click in, to see their transformation, how to keep visitors, stay here for you to go to the

according to their own thinking!

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