Advise you again do not use the network marketing software group information

today in other forums to see someone selling crazy marketing 8.2 crack version. As long as 30 yuan, of course, this effect should be the official and the official version is the same as 880 yuan, garbage.

known as one day IP reached 800 seems to be, the 3 day of Baidu, GG included. Pure nonsense, SITEl gave many users he page lists, check 4, 2 SITE not only included the home page, a.

Recently, Baidu

GG algorithm update soon, spider hate this crazy mass keyword approach, so your site is not K, after using this so-called network marketing software, K is likely to increase.

has a little doubt, I still don’t understand. Http:// this site used to be classified information website, a website of my friend, took out today as an example. When doing classified information site, Baidu included. Later changed to the forum, SITE Baidu will not, insist on manually update a month, Baidu has not included. I also don’t know exactly where the problem is, arguably, a month’s time the website included the Baidu also make only superficial changes. Do not know if the domain name is K too, see the Internet has a lot of test domain name is K method, but not very accurate. Don’t know which heroes can give that a Ming road.

has not been included in GG, baidu comrades do not worry, as long as adhere to the manual creation, and then hard, Baidu spider will understand. The station is not a K has been 3 years of domain name is included, it is a kind of encouragement. Of course, we do not advocate his stupid, not included, change a domain name.

like crazy marketing software, like the consequences of crazy propaganda is dead miserable.

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