The different results of demanding and giving people

"I don’t know what I did wrong, but we just lost," said

, who left NOKIA". In fact, not only businesses, people are most afraid of the inexplicable planted in common sense is still unknown, trouble breeding. In the business world and life in common sense seems to have become a common phenomenon, what is the cause of the environment, knowledge, knowledge, realm?…… Not say. But for today’s society, many people are interested in this topic. We start from the network circle:

contacts circle

has now started playing circle, but no matter what kind of absolute circle, there are two kinds of phenomenon: some people will be mixed into the circle of the fast, some people in the circle of last time also no fee no echo point. In particular, the current pay circle, to engage in a large number of people do not want to spend the threshold fee is meaningless, after all, the most valuable is that those who do. So I look inside the circle of people and the exchange between the dynamic and the results!

when I study circle people I will play the most relationships are defined as "interests" between each other, without taking non profits can not make! But back to really find that is not the case, it is not only make the threshold of follow-up. Because I found a lot of a lot of people are not necessarily in the circle of great popularity is good; many people give others a lot of things are not necessarily people remember their kindness.

so what kind of person is the best person to be in the pay circle?. The second is to have a good feeling or value. We often see a lot of people are really very silly but is popular and some people but not how valuable there are a lot of people go to bootlick, the two is basically flat. The worst thing is not really active, do not look at what other people need, just think how others do not want their own, this kind of people the most bitter force, even if the same circle, to the back of the majority of people do not know.

we analyze the common sense principle of opportunity:

about circle boss:

do not know how people abroad, the domestic leader due to cultural factors, most of them have a strong desire for control. Based on this factor, much like a point, everyone said many of the comments, more and more obedient to the leader’s effective docking, zhaodanquanshou. Abroad are on strength, human rights, these virtual things on the little. But in order to do a good job in the circle and the relationship between the boss, the first is obedient, obey the arrangement, in accordance with the way he wants to go. This is a real problem in china.

about circle members:

circle of internal play can generally use the people are social animals, community animals need to communicate, especially people need to feel. So, the eccentric person is difficult to integrated into the circle, eg: people in the inner circle may not be seen, opinionated people also.

if you want to play a good circle at least consider other people to remember you, give others to play with you

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