Liu Qiangdong rare mouthing the future of the nternet industry will be the traditional outlet

Internet is a tool, this sentence is deeply agree with the small series. Traditional industries have been squeezed by the Internet, not the traditional industry potential has been done, but did not have a good grasp of the use of tools. In the era of development, conform to the development trend and the trend, traditional industries can develop healthy and strong.


straight to the point, I basically agree with Liu Qiangdong’s judgment.

that is, the next five years, the air will appear in the traditional industry rather than the Internet industry, in the fast fashion, food fields will emerge a better quality of Chinese brands.

on a larger pattern, in fact, is the super bonus of the Internet industry is on the decline, more and more Internet become more and more heavy; and those successful transition, mastered the theory tools and methods of the Internet and the values of the traditional enterprises, is out of exuberant vitality.

China Consumer big upgrade

this weekend, the Empire’s most fire activity is of course "2015 business leaders will China". Liu Qiangdong, founder and chief executive officer of Jingdong group, attracted many people’s thinking.

when the host asked: "after the venture investment tide hot, China appeared crash. Some people say that the winter has come, or that the bubble burst, do you think the next "tuyere" where?

Liu Qiangdong replied: the air may not be in the Internet but in traditional industries. Such as clothing and footwear industry should be able to do it Chinese love fast fashion brand; in the food industry, food safety issues China to intolerable proportions, the industry in the next five years to the emergence of a number of consumers can rest assured food brand."

I agree with that. Now, China is undergoing a remarkable consumer big upgrade. The rich Chinese people no longer need only low-quality low-priced goods, but the pursuit of high quality into a high price. You do not look at the letter, overseas purchasing Chinese is Liuqiqianyi every year, and has been growing


actually, overseas shopping, outbound tourism, light luxury vogue, Internet brand rise, are deeply China consumption upgrade mapping. Look at Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, have experienced a similar process, this is not a person’s will to transfer.

why the tuyere in the traditional industry?

this big consumer upgrade, and even the world is considered to be an important engine of global economic growth next. Among them, there is a huge business opportunities.

now, the mainstream of risk investment, many foresight we are looking at the Internet brand opportunities. In this big surge high and sweep forward upgrade, the company without the pressure of the birth of a number of billions of market capitalization level.

sadly, although Chinese people are rich, but many of our services are also very poor, such as Liu Qiangdong’s clothing and shoes, food.

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