China’s COM domain name to 6 million 370 thousand of the total number of the world’s top second

IDC network ( on 27 August 02 reports: according to data, as of February 17, 2014, China’s.COM domain total to 6369320, second only to the United States, ranked second in the world, compared to the same period last month increased by 31298. While the United States,.COM domain name has reached a total of 61575371, the highest in the world market list, a net increase of 124742 compared to last month. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the global number of.COM domain name registration.


(Figure 1).COM statistics of the total number of countries in the world TOP10

is shown in Figure 1, the top ten countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, China, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Spain and the Cayman islands.

in contrast to the total amount of.COM domain name, the United States alone, the total.COM has exceeded 60 million, shake ahead of other countries. The rest of the country, the total.COM domain names are less than 10 million. China.COM domain name ranked second.


(Figure 2) TOP10

ranking of the world’s total.Com domain name

Figure 2 data show that the United States currently has a total of.COM domain name up to 61575371, accounting for the country’s top five domain names (.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ) of the total of 76.1948%. While China, although the total.COM domain name is far less than the United States, only 6369320, but its share is higher than the United States by the proportion of 10 percentage points.

in the third week of February (February 11th -2 17).COM domain name net increase in the amount of contrast, only half of the national.COM domain growth is good. Among them, the largest increase in the United States, up to 57411, followed by China, for the 21032.

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