Coral QQ author Chen Shoufu set up the site to buy even the group on the line

September 10th news, coral QQ author Chen Shoufu founded the site even buy Group (, today announced the official launch of micro-blog in the morning, inviting users to buy.


even group


even mission Sohu


my mission and mission to the United States, as the representative of the domestic group purchase website handle is not much different from the interface, similar to the recommended daily: a cheap goods for flash sale, invite friends to buy 10 yuan rebate. However, my group will be the minimum number of people to set up 20 people, higher than the minimum set of other websites to buy standard. My delegation recommended today is the commodity daoxiangcun Su style moon cakes, the original price 228 yuan, group purchase price of 79 yuan, as of press time, 37 people have to buy.

, however, Sohu IT found that my team is currently only beta version, the domain name has not been filed.

I Group founder Chen Shoufu, was due to the production of coral QQ, Tencent was jailed for three years after the prosecution, in March this year after the early release from prison.

              coral QQ Chen Shoufu founder of the group purchase site even group

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