The Qihoo 360 was fined sixteenth times Baidu advertising shielding against

yesterday, Beijing Dongcheng court verdict on Baidu sued the Qihoo 360 of unfair competition: the defendant Qihoo 360 to induce users to malicious shield Baidu advertising department misconduct, the court website published a statement of apology, and compensation for Baidu Inc 230 thousand yuan. This is a Qihoo 360 in recent years sixteenth times because of unfair competition and slander competitors and lost.

court yesterday issued a statement saying that search engine service providers to provide promotional services is a global business model. The legitimate business model must have legitimate commercial interests protected by law. 360 shielding Baidu advertising through the relevant acts, in violation of the anti unfair competition law and business ethics, its behavior constitutes unfair competition, and should bear the corresponding civil liability.

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