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1.Twitter business transformation: from successive losses to make money machine

lead: Reuters published Monday entitled "how clueless Twitter into a money machine" (Insight: How freewheeling Twitter became a money-spinning juggernaut) review article said that in the Twitter from years of losses in the start-up companies, turned into a money making machine in the process, the company CEO Dick · Costello contributed. Although many of his actions have been criticized, but it is undeniable that he did help the company to achieve commercial success.

2 Ali mother push Taobao off wireless open platform commitment to developers are divided into 500 million

September 17th news, Ali mother today announced the launch of Taobao off wireless open platform, build a wireless marketing platform to promote the full deployment of Taobao wireless open wireless strategy. Mom also claimed that in 2013 the Commission will also guest into at least more than 500 million yuan.

it is understood that Ali mother was originally known as the Taobao alliance, founded in 2007, is a Alibaba’s new Internet advertising trading platform. Mainly for the release and purchase platform. Over the past few years has been the rapid development of Alibaba has become one of the important business.

According to

reports, Ali mother the release of the wireless open platform will integrate Taobao wireless terminal customers all the products, including API, SDK, channel, and other activities, the future external developers can share Taobao wireless data through the platform, the corresponding application and development, and to gain more benefits.

with the rise of mobile Internet, mobile Internet advertising demand also surged, this is Ali mother main emphasis on the mobile terminal, and through the open platform, development will help to promote Ali mother wireless business.


platform of the mom "Taobao guest" head of Qin Qing said, "it is expected that in 2013 the turnover of Taobao wireless terminal promotion will bring off the increase of 5-10 times, and this year we give these guest commissions at least will exceed 500 million."

3 Tencent: $448 million stake in Sogou soso into Sogou

Sohu and Sogou today announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent, the picture left for Ma Huateng, Wang Xiaochuan,

sina science and technology news September 16th afternoon news, Sohu and Sogou today announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent. Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, and the Tencent’s soso business and other related assets into Sogou, Sogou Tencent immediately after the completion of the transaction end >

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