HNA Uber shares financing valuation of nearly 8 billion

source: Meirixinbao Author: pay Xianjie

from the central business district learned that, at present, HNA Group by building the platform in the central business district, through the efficient way of filing the FTA foreign direct investment, the sea shares Uber (yuho) company. The Uber financing valuation of nearly $8 billion, HNA Group through the investment of the central business district, become Tianjin’s total foreign investment in the largest "sea", also established the central business district of Tianjin as a free trade area of the financial status of the sea.

in addition to Uber, IDG also set up institutions in the central business district to participate in the stock market return of the wave, the acquisition of SouFun shares. In the State Council issued guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, the central business district has been mixed with the opportunity to change the state-owned enterprises and the heat. China energy construction group, China national energy storage and chemical group were established in the central business district of the shareholding, capital operation and overseas investment platform, the total investment of more than 5 billion yuan. The future, there will be more large-scale state-owned enterprises will "go out" platform, capital operation platform is located in the central business district, Central Business District, relying on the financial innovation environment and professional services, further improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises.

in the buyout fund, three new board within the territory of the listed companies, China Merchants Group, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the central business district, the future will create a central business district became a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, overseas mergers and acquisitions investment platform in Silicon Valley, Europe etc.. HNA Group also set up a number of institutions in the central business district of Bohai, the completion of the private placement investment leasing, factoring and other related business investment in Bohai.

market in two, the central business district in 2015 by Tianjin FTA and other forms of Private Equity Forum jointly with Guotai Junan, attracted a large number of sunshine private institutions settled settled. All other assets, such as concept of creating hancon performed in absolute return beyond the capital market volatility in the first half of the year. Later, the central business district will continue to strengthen cooperation with Guotai Junan, in the sunshine private institutions hatch and establish systematic support system to strengthen the power, and with the opening of the high-speed rail opportunities, to attract more private institutions sun Tianjin settled in the financial district jiabao.

in the future, Tianjin Free Trade Zone business center area will serve as the frontier Chinese financial market opening up, sitting on the inside and outside of the cross-border capital flow is convenient, in cooperation with the bank, insurance, securities, trust, leasing, factoring and other types of financial institutions and asset management institutions, and jointly promote the development of innovative financial institutions and financial business innovation landing. At the same time, will also continue to rely on Binhai New Area Financial Services Center this platform, the integration of various types of intermediary service resources, to build the whole process of service system, and further promote the financial reform and innovation in Tianjin.

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