Startups 4 marketing tips how to get rid of the heavy burden of large companies

big budget, big events, big report…… For decades, the "big" culture has dominated the company’s marketing decisions and marketing budgets. However, "big" also means heavy, slow forward. Now, consumers may be in a nidea will abandon your site, therefore, in marketing activities, companies should learn from start-ups, flexible self adjustment at any time. In the work, we have seen a large marketing company because of the concept of a start-up company, the successful marketing activities to shorten the development cycle of 50%.

follows the following four rules that can accelerate the success of large companies.

1, take the test and study

usually, marketers will set a clear financial goals for the impact of marketing activities, but it is easy to ignore the development of clear understanding of the objectives of consumers. On the contrary, outstanding performance of the start-up companies have been trying to explore the latest consumer psychology, and accordingly adjust their marketing strategy.

in order to make every marketing budget to spend money, the first step is to design the "deep consumer demand schedule", starting from the demand has been found, and set specific targets for the upcoming marketing activities such as: how can we influence the 18 to 25 year olds to do sth.. Before launching the activity, check out which of the assumptions in the table will be tested.

Barbara · (Barbara Messing) is the chief marketing officer of travel website TripAdvisor. Before investing in new services, she used the "virtual" slogan to promote the company intends to launch a variety of Web site features. If only one user clicks on the slogan, the page will show 404/ "the page does not exist". But if the user clicks on this slogan enough, the company will begin to develop this product. Compared to a single cost of up to $10 thousand in group discussions and other traditional marketing programs, Messing’s program does not spend a single point of the company, but allows TripAdvisor to quickly and accurately grasp the user wants the site features.

2, support the spirit of the experiment and the excellent program

if you learn from your mistakes, mistakes are understandable. Graduated from the Y Combinator incubator, Shoptiques, is a fashion e-commerce start-up company, founded by Olga · (Olga), (Vidisheva). Olga gave each employee $1000, so that they are free to spend any creative marketing ideas, in order to encourage people to take risks. "It doesn’t matter if you fail," she says. "The only requirement is that you have to take the time to analyze the data after the failure." The startup has benefited from the activity and the idea. At the event, some employees find product interests (Pinteres>

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