Juhuasuan team venture sea Amoy DG millions of dollars in investment

news March 9th, imports of electricity providers "street honey" to disclose billion state power network, the day before earning millions of dollars in A round of investment from IDG capital.

it is understood that the "street honey" was founded in early 2014, the mobile terminal is scouring the sea platform C2C mode, docking is the overseas buyers and domestic consumers, is the flagship of non-standard goods overseas.


Street honey APP home

Street honey to billion state power network said that at present, the "street honey" has nearly 1000 real name authentication buyers in 28 countries and regions worldwide, category covering beauty, clothing, shoes and bags, maternal and child health care, almost all categories of digital and other popular goods. After obtaining financing, street honey will accelerate in the global layout, by the end of 2015, the "street honey" is expected to cover 100 countries, real name authentication buyers over a million.

It is reported that

, "the founding team Street honey" mostly from the Alibaba group, especially the Department of Juhuasuan, its founder, CEO Wang Yang previously worked in Taobao, Alipay, Juhuasuan and other good unlimited, a number of projects in the undertaking operations management, and is the founder of the Juhuasuan, has experienced business experience and channels management; co-founder Sun Ying was 10 years old Ali employees, Taobao, Alipay, participation witnessed the growth of Juhuasuan, our company; several other operators are also from ali.

Said Wang Yang

, founder of street honey he most want to see is one day, any person standing in any corner of the earth, as long as the network, as long as the open street honey app, you can enjoy any country on earth. "". The good thing, not only we are familiar with the French LV, Japanese diapers, New Zealand milk powder and other "standard"; and Turkey carpet, Nepal cashmere scarf and South Africa and other non-standard products, the characteristics of mango products.

also have the layout in addition, street honey in the sea Amoy logistics, set up its own logistics platform "street honey", hoping to global transport company integrated into the same platform, the development of industry standards and price system standard, really break the sea Amoy logistics price "black box". Wang Yang said, street honey really want to do is to create a healthy sea Amoy ecosystem.

IDG in the capital building to billion state power network said that the market and the team is IDG to see two reasons for street honey.

army pointed out that non-standard products market is a sea of blue sea market, is still in a state of sleep. In the future, with the mining such as street honey purchasing platform have non-standard category of commodity information and presentation; as the user is awakening to the non-standard category to increase knowledge and awareness of the need; and the establishment of non-standard products and improving the system of ecological service, consumers will be more and more convenient to buy Global specialty goods. By then, the market prospects of non-standard products and user needs will be fully released, which is a very promising market.

"investors invest in a project"

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