Airbnb founder 112 million financing 20 million dividend

Airbnb three co-founder (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Ming Xuan) October 2nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog AllThingsDigital’s BoomTown columnist Cara · swisheiheier (Kara Swisher) on Saturday said the author, as one of the most popular American innovation enterprises, tourism housing rental site Airbnb has been through the latest round of financing to raise 112 million dollars. The valuation of the round of financing Airbnb reached $1 billion 200 million.

raised funds, Airbnb will be one of the $22 million 500 thousand in cash dividends to shareholders of the company’s common stock. Airbnb’s common shareholders, primarily its co founders, calculated in accordance with the number of shares held, which also means that they will receive $21 million. Another $10 million will be used to acquire shares held by existing shareholders.

normal, the founder of the company to sell some of the holdings of new investors to cash. Through this transaction, the company’s founder’s holdings were moderately diluted. But in the current round of financing Airbnb, the company’s co-founder did not sell stocks, they received a cash dividend in cash. This means that the company’s co founders of equity and voting control has not changed due to financing. This also means that the original can belong to the company and all shareholders of cash, was paid to a small number of people.

prior to Airbnb, there are unlisted companies to pay cash dividends to shareholders of the company. Buy site Groupon is one of them, just Airbnb the amount of dividends can not be compared with Groupon. There are rumors that the amount of dividends Groupon close to $1 billion, it is precisely because of this, the company’s current holdings of cash has been greatly reduced.

for Airbnb employees have not yet implemented stock options, the dividend is not a good thing.

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