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according to iResearch recently released "2011-2012 SNS and micro-blog China User Behavior Research Report", data from iResearch Internet users continuously research on iUserTracker system shows that community dating services covering more than 400 million, which covers a number of micro-blog’s services more than social network, has become the most popular social networking service. With the further penetration of social services, social media marketing has gradually become one of the important layout in the network marketing.

micro-blog users are more willing to accept corporate accounts

according to iResearch survey data show that in 2011 SNS and micro-blog users in the number of users concerned about the distribution of the enterprise, the proportion of micro-blog users concerned about the proportion of more than 5 companies are higher than SNS users. IResearch consulting analysts believe that, first of all, micro-blog’s self media nature is more prominent, while foreign Facebook and Twitter and other social platforms on the domestic market also played a good role model. Micro-blog settled on more corporate users, and compared with the performance on the SNS platform, more active. Second, social networking sites are the projection and expansion of individual social relationships and social attributes. Micro-blog is biased towards the platform of information acquisition. The location of the user determines the user on the micro-blog platform is more likely to accept corporate users.


micro-blog users are more willing to interact with business users

According to the survey

iResearch, 2011 SNS and micro-blog users to participate in the distribution of enterprise user interaction, SNS users are mainly business users to read the information posted on social networking sites, access to corporate brand coupons or promotions, as well as corporate sponsored voting. And micro-blog users are more inclined to participate in forwarding or comment on the information released by the company, to participate in the organization’s online or offline activities, message to the enterprise feedback and other activities with the enterprise interaction.

iResearch consulting analysts believe that the emergence of micro-blog makes the traditional relationship between the user and the enterprise changes, the user is more active and strong position. Due to the real-time and openness of the micro-blog platform, the speed and scope of information dissemination and the impact of other media more rapidly and more. Therefore, the enterprise users in the social marketing, should attach importance to the interaction with the user, especially the user generated information related to the enterprise.


iResearch released "2011-2012 SNS and micro-blog China User Behavior Research Report" in the near future, including the daily habits of Internet users in 2011 China using SNS and micro-blog, SNS and micro-blog to explore the basic properties of the mobile terminal; through the study of social media user behavior, analysis of the current situation of users in both the mobile terminal; the final analysis >

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